Best Sativa Recommendations

Another vote for Cindy.

I've had my keeper from PSBC for years and she grows fast and huge and is done in 50 days though I often let her go a full 8 weeks to knock a bit of the edge off. It has a very uplifting, energetic and happy buzz. I don't intend to ever give her up. : )


omg beautiful!! love those frosty sativa leaves!!


I know I always recommend this, but DTC-99. 63-70 days flower, not insanely potent but no ceiling. Euphoric & clear headed. Pineapple + haze + licorice are the most notable tastes. If you pull them as soon as the trichs get cloudy you will be zooming. It's always in the line up for wake and bake smokes. Very easy to grow as well, grows like a Indica hybrid. I'm trying Hazeman's Chocolate Thai f4's in hopes it will be another fast flowring sativa.
Bro that sounds nice ! I had to look up the Chocolate strain I have and discovered it is quite the genetics list:

^ That crossed with :

Jim Dandy has them and from what I've read about the parents it should be straight Fire! Chocolate Lava Cake maybe. I imagine it'll taste great!

To be Honest that Chocolate Trip might not be a bad choice too.
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