Canada’s cannabis industry has many problems, the biggest of them all is that it’s a cash-burning machine


Anisha Dhiman

The cannabis industry began planning for a large recreational market when the Trudeau government made legalization a campaign promise in 2015. On October 16, 2018, the day before recreational cannabis use became legal, there were 129 medical cannabis sales and cultivation licenses given out by Health Canada. Read More

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That was a good read, and it demonstrates that the legal cannabis industry is just like every other legal industry: constantly manipulated by behind-the-scenes operators who have profit as the only motivation.

It brings to mind the Alan Dean Foster novel The Man Who Used the Universe, in which legal and illegal industry are both valid paths to success. It is only when a character crosses from the illegal to the legal side that he realizes that is where all the truly brilliant and ruthless criminals reside.
I read it all and the ending says the LP’s prices are lower than black market? And that more expansion will push the black market out? Good one.
Even if it were true, they’re forced to use chemicals etc and grow only for yield.


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The LPS in Canada changed the pricing to attack the black market.

15 gram or 30 gram packs they are selling for under 5 dollars a gram.

I am not a fan of the gov pot schemes but these are 23% strains. Indica and Sativa available and proabably a dozen strains.

Just checking now they have 22% sativa {(Jean Guy) for 120 an OZ and with 10 dollar tax but the black market was 200 an oz...then 150 and now 100 an oz for black market cannabis.

3 months ago there was nothing under 8 dollars a gram.

All prices CDN...US exchange is 75 cents on the dollar (90 dollars USD for 1 oz)

This is the cheap stuff and is not craft small batch stuff like we grow for ourselves...but people gravitate towards legal because it has to be bug and pesticide free (i am not sure if they are allowed to even use neem).

They lie...and get caught but ...
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