Cannabis and Sustainable Development


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Crucial conversations being started here by Steve DeAngelo on Radio Free Cannabis

I’ve written a bit on related issues such as the Cannabis biodiversity crisis and the catastrophic consequences of introducing hybrids to traditional regions of cultivation such as Nepal and Laos.

The main photograph shows a farmer in Yarkhun Valley, Chitral, in the Hindu Kush where planting Cannabis around the edge of other crops is a traditional practice. Probably this developed in the prohibition era as a form of deniability, because Cannabis thrives as a weed around farmland.

A further necessary aspect of this discussion are the nightmarish unecological practices currently rife in the Cannabis industry. Essential reading for most commercial Cannabis enterprises is this 2018 paper from Ernest Small, ‘Marijuana – Unsustainable, unecological, and unnecessary cultivation in energy-hog greenhouses‘.

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Agree Jag! There is definitely some good discussions there. It's one of the things that made me look into what Agnus offers...The preservation project has a few of his selections!
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