Choosing a humidifier for your indoor grow space


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Environmental conditions play a vital role in successful indoor cannabis grows. It goes without saying that the right temperatures are essential for growing healthy plants, but if you want to further optimize your indoor growing space, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of relative humidity in relation to the plant’s life stage.

The right humidity levels allow a faster plant development, which translates into shorter growing periods, but also into healthier plants thanks to better nutrient absorption and assimilation. It’s a great way to make the most of your indoor setup and get maximum yields.

The adequate relative humidity is essential for plants

The adequate relative humidity is essential for plants

What type of humidifier should I get?​

As you can see in Alchimia’s catalogue, there are different types of humidifiers. From classic models, perfect for small/medium-sized DIY grows and maintaining good conditions for rooting clones, to units designed for larger spaces that can be directly connected to the water tap.

Ultrasonic humidifiers: ideal for grow tents​

A favourite solution for many growers, this type of humidifier is very efficient and easy to use, and fits in most setups, grow tents, and small grow rooms.

The classic for indoor growing

The classic for indoor growing

Available in various capacities, you can find, for example, both 4l humidifiers and 8l humidifiers. However, they all work in the same way; the only difference is that their water tanks are a bit bigger.

With a power regulator, these devices make it easy to maintain the right humidity levels for your grow room. This way, you’ll have healthy plants and maximum yields from your crop.

Ultrasonic Mist Maker with float​

The Mist Maker ultrasonic humidifier with float produces a cool mist thanks to a very quiet ultrasonic system.

You only need to place the float in a container with your chosen amount of water, and enjoy a dense mist that will maintain the right humidity levels for growing spaces of more or less 1m2. Ideal for grow tents during the germination and vegetative periods, but also for rooting cuttings.

Humidifier with float

Humidifier with float

This type of humidifier allows you to set up the water tank according to your needs. In this case, you can use a large volume of water to harness certain autonomy from the humidifier.

Mist Maker 5 membranes: the humidifier with float for large spaces​

Like the previous model from the same brand, the Mist Maker 5 Membranes should be placed in a large water tank. It’s an excellent solution for producing the right humidity levels in larger growing areas. Simply add a Mist Maker 5 membrane floater before placing it in the tank. This humidifier has a water level sensor and an automatic shut off system.

Mist Maker with float for large spaces

Mist Maker with float for large spaces

It produces a fine mist, ideal for maintaining the humidity levels needed to keep healthy plants during the vegetation and germination stages.

Monzon humidifier: XL sized humidifier​

This device has been specially designed for large growing spaces such as bigger grow tents and open grow rooms. You can connect it directly to a water tap, so you won’t have to worry about filling the tank, and you will be able to enjoy a completely autonomous humidifier.

This humidifier with 12 ceramic membranes allows you to produce large steam clouds that will be distributed by a fan with a 120mH air flow. The Monzon humidifier generates a mist effect with 10 micron droplets. With this humidifier you will be able to maintain the right humidity levels in a very fast way, even in the most important spaces.

Humidifier for large grow rooms

Monzon humidifier for large grow rooms

We hope this article helps you to get a better idea of the different humidifiers that are available in our Alchimiaweb catalogue, and find the device that best suits your grow space needs.

Wishing you an excellent harvest!

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