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Don's method

a complete magic mushroom growing tek.

This is a tek for an intermediate mushroom grow that requires equipment such as a flow hood which day 1 growers aren't normally going to have. This is for the committed grower who is wanting an easy way to grow large amounts of mushrooms as fast as possible.


STEP 1is getting 100% clean mycelium growth on agar. Any type of p. Cubensis variety will work. For cleaning trimester dishes are perfect then for mid a petri in a fridge works perfect

STEP 2 is.making this culture into a Liquid Culture, use a piece of the agar, about an inch or 2 long and wide not too large, I use ball no leak plastic lids the new black ones not the older white ones. With an injection port and ptfe syringe filter siliconed I to the lid. Use a mix of 2 grams turbines sugar 2 grams.dry malt extract for every 500ml of distilled water. And i ise a magnetic stir bar in each jar
I personally mix up a gallon at a time which makes like 7 jars , I pout the entire amount of liquid into my pressure cooker and turn it up until it reaches 15 psi for 10 minutes then let it completely cool and filter with a Buckner funnel. Then pour a little over 500ml into every jar, secure the lid down tight, if you use ball jars the lids will go on straight ,if you use non ball jars the lids can be crooked but ive still had them work and keep a perfect seal.

STEP 3 growing the liquid culture is sped up with a magnetic stirrer either used every day or if lef ton 24/7 on low growth is explosive.

STEP 4 test the liquId culture after more than half the jar is filled with mycelium, with a syringe put 1ml onto a petri dish swirl the water around and pour the excess water out. You should be able to see mycellium still on the plate.
After 3 days look at your plate and make sure your liquid culture is completely sterile..


Step 1 i have fine mesh zippered laundry bags,, i use the large ones,, and put the bag lining a 5 gallon water cooler and fill it about half full i then Rinse a couple times and then fill with the hottest tape water possible. At this time I hydrate chopped straw,ustuffing another mesh bag with straw and fill my bathtub with hot tap water place the bag in the tub and ha e the filled water cooler on top of it to hold the straw underwater.

Step 2 after 24 hours or more the grain and straw is hydrated, ill rinse the grain again after hydrating then put 3 bricks of coir into a mesh bag and hydrate and rinse the fine mesh will.allpw water and particulate thru while holding the coir inside. Once coir is fully hydrated i set it in a bucket and allow it to fully drain.

Step 3 using a large tub i mix grain , straw, coir, about 4 quarts of manure or worm castings, about 2 cups of gypsum and 4 cups of spent and rinsed coffee grounds.

Step 4 using a half quart kitchen scoop about 4 inches tall 5 inches wide, i put 5 scoops of the mix into large 0.5um filter patch bags squeeze all the air out and either zip tie or seal the bags

Step 5 in a 22qt pressure cooker i put 3 quart jars on their sides in the bottom of cooker with the tray on top. I fill water up about 2 inches below the tray, an excess of water i know but its what I do, I never want my cookers to dry out lost too many.
I let the cooker steam for 15 minutes then add the weight and pressure cooke for 3 hours.

Step 6 remove the bags and use g red rtv silicone make an injection port on the bag and let dry.
Once it is dry I pyt a piece of clear packaging tape over the port because they can tend to fall off.

Step 7 in front of my flowhood , using a 60ml syringe and following sterile procedure I inject 30ml of liquid culture into each bag and shake.

Step 8 after approx a week the bag is about 60 to 75% colonized I massage the bag and break up the mycelium and shake again after shaking i put the su strate in the botto. Of the bag and then with my fist compress the substrate as hard as I can so it forms a thick flat disc with a nice flat top surface.

Step 9 I put them on. A rack and let them sit until they begin to frui about 1 to 2 weeks later. I wait for the mushrooms to be ready I then cut the very top of the bag off and harvest.

Step 10 I mist the bag heavily fold over 2 or 3 times and tape or paperclip the bag closed and repeat for 4 or 5 more flushes misting heavily each time and only opening the bag to harvest.

This method allows me to make tons and tons of these kits, and do very very minimal work on them between inoculation and harvest. Not having a spawning step shortens the time of growth by half at least, 30cc of innoculant ive found to be the best for fastest growth ,more and it gets too wet and grows slower. It uses manure but no worries about pasteurization, and no chance of contamination from improper preparation of straw or manure since it is all fully sterilized.

No broken glass, no cleaning a million jars, and no special fruiting chambers the 0.5um filter patch bags work 100% for spawn and fruiting and are thrown away when the sunstrate is finished.

This method can allow you to absolutely crank out lbs of mushrooms extremely fast and extremely easy.


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Thanks for this man. I am definitely going to give this tek a shot.

Btw: @Kkvguitarist what size stir bars you use? I know alot recommend the 2in, but wondered if that mattered. I have a few of the 1" ones. Any noticable difference?
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