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dry hash:

i suggest if you wanna success and a good yeilder and not too green, the microne on a built trim bin and. Rubbing the just sugar trim and small nugs , every once I get 2-5 gram ish from such ( like a hours worth of trimming)

dry ice : key with dry ice is you need multple bags or they will freeze up than you have to wait for the screen to de freeze, when I do this method I have 3+ of the same main microne screen and be game.

ice extraction, not my thing even thou I did it for 10+ years cause not only is it nowhere near as fast to make your product cold enough to extract but everything , including your hash will be wet/ thou a additional “process and cure” vs dry extract where u can smoke it then and there if your stuff exactring is processed and cured.

dry hash or dry for me eh, everyone’s different ;)


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@OldG started this thread a while back. @Dbear knows his hash as well. Highly suggest looking up the French Cannoli method. Im about to try my hand at some bubble hash for the first time.


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I learned how to make hash from Baja Beaches and Stickygreen. Then I watched Frenchy's videos and it upped my hash game BIG TIME.

Biggest take aways.

Clean your bags with ispo....if the bags are clean they passthrough better (and no impurities).

Soak your buds...before you ever even begin. And soak em in ice cold water a while....longer than you think. I soak my frozen buds for an hour at least and ofted find the 3rd or 4th run are the most productive (so the soak could probably go further).

as i make hash for me i use a 25....a 120 and a catcher... all mesh bags for the win.

Hash washers are great but.....good stir stick (i use a colapsable oar)....bucket water ice works GREAT... You can make hash pretty cheap.


If you don't know anything about it I'd reccomend watching as many of Frenchy's vids as you can find on the ol youtube. I didn't know much at all before watching him. Literally learned me most of what I know from watching his vids a few times back to back & following his process.



Oh you must be mailing my late xmass gift..Sweet

lol I think that particular ball is up in smoke 😵, been working on a killer tasting mandarin x blueberry ball right now. gotta get on with making more while it's still relatively cold out, easier to keep the mix at ideal temps/use less ice. Been warm here during the day, me the homies rode dirt bikes all day in t-shirts yesterday 🌞
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