High humidity and harvesting


Habitabat autem somnium
Hi guys, what's everyone's thoughts on harvesting outdoor after spotting bud rot 4 weeks out from full term? Lots of rain lots of humidity and bugger all wind have landed a friend's crop....... Under attack. 1 cola turned into 5 overnight. Should he pull. I said he won't have a crop left is he doesn't. Poor bugger, any way to kill it. I know it's spread by spores

Ed Rooney

In Bloom
Way back when I use to grow outdoor, any signs of bud rot and its salvage time.

Something has got to be better than nothing right so prune heavily and be ruthless.

Support branches because they're wet, take all the bottoms off, open up the canopy to let air in. Any suspicion of mold get the chop.
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