In Bloom
since there wasnt an iboga section i will post here as DMT is the closest thing to ibogaine i have experienced. if anyone is interested in ibogaine for any reason and want some first hand info, im here to help. especially the use of iboga in treating opiate dependency. ibogaine is HANDS DOWN the most intense psychedelic compound in existence...and ive gone twice!!!! well who the hell are u to make that claim, u may be thinking. i have eaten~ 400 tabs of all different types of paper acid, faces,sunshines,fractal,alice,window pane,gel tabs,smarties. i have eaten ~ half pound of cubensis and used to grow them in my closet years ago...mushies from the stars, oss & oeric anyone? i also had the pleasure of ingesting an eighth of cyanesans once upon a time. taken handfuls of X pills,candyflips grams n grams of molly, even mainlined molly a couple times. smoked dmt a handful of times, both the kind that is extracted from MH, and the real deal 5 MeO dmt straight from the toad glands. i went to mexico to work with a kumeyaay shaman who hit me with kambo, rampei( if u ever see "the missing" with tommy lee jones and black duck blows that shit in his face, thats rampei) and ayahuasca. i also ate peyote buttons during the festival "the procession of the virgin mary" in downtown tijuana...fuckin crazy. but none of these compare to iboga. so if your interested in the greatest trip of all kind or u know someone considering ibogaine for opiate dependence, hmu. peace blessings n high vibrations.
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