Is Amsterdam really going to ban tourists from cannabis coffeeshops?


Tha Dank Hoarder
If they do than they are dumb as shit, they should of got on the rec train and allowed coffee shops to be real with price and make it the biggest and most pro cannabis country in the world. I bet that would game changer


Cannabis Chaotician
I can't imagine this actually happening. When I was in Amsterdam almost every tourist I met was there for the coffee shops. At the time it probably was the most cannabis friendly country in the world!

I don't know how they would support their economy without letting tourists use the coffee shops. Those tourists filled the bars, restaurants, gift shops, hotels etc...

I mean, I know there's the red light district but most of the other travelers I met there treated that more like a novelty... get stoned then wander through the red light district and just people watch. Wild place.
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