Lamb’s Bread (or Lambsbread) Not ‘Lamb’s Breath’


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None other than Bob Marley himself explained to High Times about ‘Lamb’s bread’ and what this name really means.

Bob Marley: One time I was in Jamaica, was doin’ a show, an’ a man come up to me, and he gave me a spliff. Now, das de bes’ herb I ever smoke. Yeah, man! Neva get an extra herb like dat again! No, no, no. Just like one tree in de earth, y’know?

High Times: Just one tree?

BM: Jus’ one tree. Sometimes ya just find a tree. It lamb’s bread.

HT: What’s lamb’s bread?

BM: De ability what de herb ‘ave ya call lamb’s bread. Some a dem ya call Bethlehem’s bread. Dat is when ya really get good herb, y’know what I mean?

Seems the idea ‘Lamb’s bread’ is or was a specific strain is another example of how decades of modern hybrid and seedbank culture has totally skewed people’s perspective on traditional cannabis cultures.

No less misleading is an article from Amanda Fielding of the Beckley Foundation talking about “the famous Jamaican strain “Lamb’s Bread”, which was named after Bob Marley’s song, but is actually a product of hybridisation with “Skunk#1” imported from Holland in the late 70s early 80s.”

‘Lamb’s bread’ is evidently a Rasta epithet for (good) ganja, used sacramentally. Pretty likely names like this are as old as Rastas.

My guess is this “Lamb’s breath” thing (which I’ve only ever heard from US and Canada) started because of foreigners mishearing Caribbean accents.

For specific Biblical origins, this is the verse that gets referenced by aficionados. I have no idea if this in fact a source, and I’m guessing Rastas who could settle this give the Internet a wide berth.

Leviticus 23:18 – And ye shall offer with the bread seven lambs without blemish of the first year, and one young bullock, and two rams: they shall be for a burnt offering unto the Lord, with their meat offering, and their drink offerings, even an offering made by fire, of sweet savour unto the Lord.

My two cents would be the Christian Eucharist (Holy Communion) itself is probably most important here, though again, this is just a guess. Either way, I’m very doubtful ‘Lamb’s breath’ is a variation of Caribbean origin.

The photo shows Peter Tosh in a field of what appear to be real Caribbean ganja domesticates.

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In Bloom
I got some in the early 80's from a guy named Flash on the 3rd floor apt a few towns over...what ever it was I would walk on hot coals for that smell taste and experience again...I do think it was something from the beginnings of pollen chucking and you would not get those combinations from Indica's of that era...definitely Sativa dominate what ever it was! It was called Lambs breath but we were just kids...they could of called it Jamaican ditch weed and I still would of bought all I could after the first inhale1


Found a guy with Tom Hill Haze, Original Haze and Lambsbread clones, among a few other superstars. Didn't ask much about origins, not my wheelhouse but I'll see what the story is with it next time we talk.

One Drop

In Bloom
My wife and I smoked lots of it back in the 80’s in Jamaica we took ourselves there to get of Smack and lived with 2 fantastic Rastas that made us well , one of the best if not best herb I’ve ever smoked and I’ve smoked all over the world .. regards One Drop .
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