New Freebies: 12 Rasoli + 12 ex-stock Bokeo seeds


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New freebies with any order of any strain in any quantity:

12 seeds of Rasoli, a very large strain that produces among the most renowned charas in the Himalaya. Seeds tested c. 80% viability.

12 seeds of Bokeo, a ganja domesticate from the Mekong region of northern Laos. Seeds tested around 40% viability, producing healthy plants with a delicate structure and heavily serrated leaflets.

The photo shows Malana village, nearby Rasol, around 2008. Farmers from both villages have fields around the same areas of the mountains, so the names ‘Malana Cream’ and ‘Rasoli’ as used here are not intended to describe meaningfully distinct strains. Instead, they refer to different accessions.

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