New Montana drug court will handle expungement of marijuana-related crimes


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State officials are finalizing plans to create a new drug court dedicated solely to the expungement of past marijuana-related convictions.
The same bill that established the framework of legal, recreational cannabis sales in Montana also allows for the resentencing or expungement of marijuana-related crimes.
State Supreme Court Administrator Beth McLaughlin told state lawmakers Wednesday that staff are drafting so-called “plain language” rules to help people representing themselves better navigate the expungement process.
“If somebody comes into court and they’re petitioning the court to do something and they don’t know exactly what the statute requires them to ask for, it’s going to take more of the judge’s time, and it’s just going to clog things up even more,” McLaughlin says.
McLaughlin told members of the legislature’s Economic Affairs Interim Committee that the new expungement court should be implemented by the new year.
Montanans can seek expungement of these convictions through their local district court. McLaughlin estimates about 135 such petitions were filed in Montana courts last year, fewer than originally anticipated.”



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Great the snow ball on legalization is getting bigger -- When the House and Senate pass the "Safe banking Act" all cannabis companies will e able to use the Banks !! Now they can't. This might happen this year or easrly next for sure -- when the US lets the banks in on the keeping the money being made by them The United States is saying that it's not illegale (a crime) to use the banking system and if this happen total legaliztion is next is around the corner - how can a country let you use the banks for growing a illegal pot.
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