Preserving PUA !


"The Philosopher, is Stoned"
Sorry mate, I was awol.

Great to see your progression with Pua.

I selected all the shorter pheonos because I wanted the PNW and DC leaners so pepper, spice, coffee with some grapefruit.

Are you going to run the beans for a look or are you moving on?
I will run them in a few months. I've got 1 PUA clone who is super tight noded. I will hit her with the combined PUA pollen from the preservation run. I think that's who I'll give a closer look at!


Yep the Jim Dandy Pua. I'm running crosses to the Sensi Star now and hunting those.

Oh good I didn't miss something lol. I have a pack of those I really want to run but my current season is almost full already so they'll have to wait for now at least.

I had to look up Sensi Star, and from what I could find it's got a lot of Afghan in the lineage, which is always exciting given the chances of super pungent aromas in those :)

Are you looking for specific terpene profiles on that too ? Or more structural? Hope you find some gems bro :)


"The Philosopher, is Stoned"
Yesterday I pollenated a tight PUA clone with some pollen collected from the 8 males from the preservation project. She's in with the 4 PUA's that are pretty well seeded. These 4 will produce beans for the vault and should come down in a week or so!
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