Quiz: Which Cyberpunk 2077 Life Path/Weed Strain Combo Are You?




Which Cyberpunk Character/Strain Combo Are You?​

Street Kid / Green Crack

Growing up as a Street Kid, you know Night City like the back of your hand. You’ve survived the unforgiving gutters of the city by using your street smarts to build relationships and endure the pain you’ve received from rival gang members. Okay, maybe YOU haven’t, but Street Kid has, and based on our calculations, he’s the perfect character for you.

Need a strain to toke while playing him? Green Crack will give you the boost you require to pull off your next high-stakes job.

Nomad / OG Kush

You’re pretty hardcore but family is also important to you– looks like you’re the Nomad!

To thrive amongst wolves, one requires a strain that makes you the Alpha among them. You’ll need a tool that helps you stay relaxed on the road, while uplifting your mood to lead your clan to greatness. For this, there’s no better candidate than the widely celebrated, OG Kush.

Corpo / Durban Poison

You’re cool, calculated, and ready for some intrigue! Working for a large corporation can do a number on your health, but working at Arasaka Corporation can end it. As a young executive making your way up the ladder at one of the world’s most influential megacorporations, you’ve learned one thing, trust no one.

When times get tough who can you depend on the most?

When it comes to movies I prefer:

When facing conflict it’s always best to:

What’s your favorite cannabis website?

You’ve got the munchies. What do you eat?​

Friend: “Hey! Wanna smoke? I’m all out, but I’ll spot you next time.”Do you:​

What is your favorite way to consume weed?​

People who know you well would describe you as

Not sure which Life Path you should play in Cyberpunk 2077– or better yet, not sure which strain to toke?

Check out our quiz to find the perfect match for you. In the comments below, let us know which life path you’ll be choosing, and what your favorite gaming strain is and why.

Not sure what the Life Path options are? Read here for a breakdown of what the Street Kid, Nomad, and Corpo life paths mean.

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