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Roadkill Skunk/RKS F2 purchased by and being preserved by @Skunky Dunk Farms

This came to me as Roadkill Skunk/RKS from Heime in Alaska and I was told that it is an old cross from the early 80's. Heime gave me the go ahead to make some of the seeds available because of the demand within the community.

After growing it, I find it to be pretty authentic, but not as rich in terpenes as I remember, although it does smell like some pretty sour stink.

The flowers are nice, none of them became hermaphrodite, yield is good and all of the ladies made great resin production. I think it is definitely worth breeding with, which is why I am making these seeds available and continuing to work with it myself.

After selection, I made a small batch of F2 seeds for myself and there are enough to share in a small drop.

In my opinion, this is a classic Afghan, when I showed it to Mel Frank he also thought it looked a lot like the 70's Afghan varieties that had a sour smell, good structure and average cannabinoid content.


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there are a few RKS strains - one by Plug Seeds ($500.00) for 10-12 reg seeds and there is Swamie (might be misspelled) Seeds that have a few RKS strains + many other landrance strains more than The Real Seed Company, and Ttopical Seeds Swamies has some very interesting strains but all are regs


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I understand that Skunk in general is more than just a cultivar and that some people think that RKS does not exist or that it's a mix that has nothing to do with that Skunk#1. I have to disagree though knowing both sides of the riddle having grown both.

I have had to rid more than just once a plant that was just too Skunky and the RKS was one of those. It's a really unique one that like the Skunk#1 can be narrow leaf or broad depending upon where the stock is from. If memory serves me, Bodhis is also known as Sterling as it was sourced from Sterling Washington.
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