Seeddependance Day


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Well I thought I would never make my own seeds. And then I split a couple of packs of In-House Genetics with Frim and....i love CHERRY

4 seeds made it out of 5....2 males 2 females. All plants in 3 gallon trade pots.

And now they are getting 56 and done for me. Seeds are coming out tiger striped and brown...

This is such a glorious event I want to share it with the PHENOHUNTERS...

Guess how many seeds I get....for both plants as a total and I will send you a 13 pack of Black Cherry Slur-P F2s (#3 and #4, a pack of each).

Closest to the actual number wins...simple.

And the runner up will get a pack of each as well...

In-House Genetics

Guess big they are LOADED with beans. Even i have no idea.

If I were to guess ( and i am 100% right 60% of the time) 1361 seeds.

Ba ha ha

This is a GREAT community. I am glad to be part of it.

Seeds will be plucked in about a can mull it over like fine cider.

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I'm gonna give it a go early next year. I've never made seed before and it's always interested me and I'm especially interested in crossing some of these autos I've been growing. I have lots of learning to do.
I’m right there with you. And weirdly enough that’s something I’m interested in too. I have quite a few autos stocked up from all kinds of breeders. So I’m thinking if either selfing some or putting together a male tent
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