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Today we’d like to invite you to share in a tasting session with one of Purple City Genetics‘ most spectacular varieties: Punch Out. Coming from a cross between Legend OG and the mythical Purple Punch, this hybrid has a rich and complex flavour and aroma that stand out above the rest, whether consumed in a cannabis vaporiser or, as in our case, rolled up in a traditional joint.

Just one look at the pedigree of this variety is all that’s needed to know that we’re dealing with something very special. For its part, Legend OG (The Crinkle Cut) is a clone-only strain with OG Kush genetics, which is pretty much held as the benchmark of quality that many other varieties are measured by, and used in countless top-quality hybrids. On the other hand, we can’t add much to everything that has already been written about Purple Punch, a plant that stands out on its own, but which also offers amazing results as a parent equalled by very few other strains. Without a doubt, the guys at PCG have come up with a knockout combination for Punch Out!

Impressive bud of Punch Out from Purple City Genetics

Impressive bud of Punch Out from Purple City Genetics

Cultivation characteristics​

The plants were grown indoors and fed on entirely organic nutrients to ensure the maximum expression of organoleptic qualities. The substrate was fertilised with Biotabs and Plagron Supermix, an excellent soil improver that, as well as nutrients, contains beneficial bacteria and fungi. During the rooting phase and when transplanting, nutrition was supplemented with Green House Feeding Enhancer, with the aim of stimulating root development.

The cultivation proceeded without any major problems, showing excellent development both in the growth phase and in the flowering phase. The plants were harvested between days 63 and 65 of flowering, with an outstanding resin production. Although production could have increased with the use of a PK supplement, it was decided to preserve the 100% organic diet and steer clear of any mineral fertilisers. The plants were dried for 12 days, after which they were cured in a glass jar for 3 weeks – aerated daily – before any tasting took place.

  • Lighting system: Sylvania Grolux HPS 600W kit
  • Substrate: Light Mix by Biobizz
  • Nutrition: Biotabs with Green House Feeding Enhancer & Plagron Supermix
  • Flowering period: 9 weeks
  • Photoperiod: 12 hours light / 12 hours darkness
  • Material tasted: Dried flowers of Punch Out

Organoleptic tasting​

Observations on the dry flowers​

The flowers have perfect humidity levels after 3 weeks of curing in glass jars protected from light, with dense and tight buds and a frankly spectacular resin coverage. The flowers have short and sparse pistils, with large and beautiful purple coloured floral bracts. The texture when ground up is sandy due to the large number of glandular trichomes, which we can see falling from the plant matter as we touch the sample. It’s obvious, even with the naked eye, that Punch Out is an excellent option for resin extractions.

The aromas are intense and complex, blending the Kushy notes and citrus and gas nuances of Legend OG with the aroma of ripe grapes and berries of Purple Punch, which remain in the background although are in no way imperceptible, at least in the phenotype we tasted. When grinding the bud, the citrus and earthy notes are accentuated, but always with an undertone of ripe fruit. Once the joint has been rolled and we take a “dry toke” or inhale without lighting it, the same nuances can be perceived, with perhaps a slight decrease in the intensity of the citrus flavours while the earthy notes gain more prominence.

Smoke test​

To taste this flower sample, we rolled a joint using Raw Organic Hemp paper, with a cardboard mouthpiece held by a Jilter Filter. When tasting, it’s always preferable to use your usual method of consumption in order to better appreciate the complexity of nuances in the sample.

Once the joint is lit, the first thing that you notice is the density of the smoke, white and thick. When inhaling, the predominant notes of Legend OG are appreciated, although once we taste the smoke and exhale, the notes of ripe grapes from Purple Punch are present. The smoke is dense but smooth, without causing any irritation of the throat and allowing clear appreciation of the different nuances. In general terms, we have here is the flavour and aroma of an excellent Kush cut but enriched with a sweet aftertaste of ripe fruits from the Purple Punch parent, which really rounds off the experience.

This is one of those plants that truly satisfies when it’s smoked, requiring you to enjoy it calmly and without haste, savouring the experience while the effects of its high cannabinoid levels take centre stage.

Psychoactive effects​

Although this is a subjective appreciation that depends to a large extent on the mood of the consumer, the first thing we notice in the effect of this variety is an almost immediate feeling of stress relief, which can be felt after just a few inhalations. This cerebral relaxation is followed by a sensation of deep physical relaxation, which only grows as we consume more.

Punch Out is a very good option to spend an entertaining time – alone or in company – but not for doing activities that require physical effort or too much concentration. For example, we wouldn’t recommend it for rock climbing, but it’s ideal for a nice walk or simply enjoying a pleasant conversation or a good book. In summary, and taking into account the parents of this hybrid, the effect was pretty much what we were expecting.

So that’s it for today’s smoke report, we hope that you’ll be encouraged to prepare your own because, as we always tell you, you can learn a lot by doing this exercise and it’s an excellent way to get to know our flowers better.

Until next time… happy smoking!

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