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Today, we invite you to try an excellent strain that has surprised us in many aspects: Pure Kush Cookies by Mamiko Seeds. A cross between L.A. Pure Kush and the famous Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut, it represents one of the best hybrids of these two families; though some would say, and not without reason, that they are closely related, as in fact, Cookies contains 50% OG Kush genes.

Either way, and as you are about to see, it’s a strain that stands out for many reasons, including its taste and aroma, and the impressive amount of resin it produces. A generous yielder, it developes a medium-sized, bushy and robust structure (ideal for indoor growing), with a nice calyx-to-leaf ratio. A plant that definitely makes its 10 weeks of flowering time worthwhile… In fact, its hash is one of the best we’ve ever had!


Pure Kush Cookies by Mamiko Seeds

Cultivation information​

Organoleptic test​

Dry sample​

On a visual level, the buds present a thick layer of resin coating their chalices and leaves, and short pistils with a light orange colour. The density of the flowers is especially surprising, as they look like real rocks. The glandular trichomes ratio is very high, with hardly any cystolitic trichomes on the leaves, where they are usually found in higher numbers. It is also surprising the ease with which the resin comes loose, with a sandy texture and an enchanting aroma.

The scent is very pungent and reminiscent of dairy products with earthy tones. The first thing that comes to mind is yoghurt with some clear creamy notes; it’s one of those fragrances that feel as if it could be chewed, and it lingers on the tongue for a long time. After grinding, the dairy nuances are accentuated, as well as the OG Kush notes which come to the forefront. When dry-inhaling before lighting the joint, you can perfectly perceive all of these nuances, and you can’t wait to smoke it!


The buds appearance is magnificent

Smoke test​

For the flavours and aromas to be fully appreciated, the tasting has been carried out according to the usual consumption method; in this case, a cigarette rolled with Raw Organic Hemp paper, a Jilter Filter, and a cardboard roach.

One of the things we best liked about this strain is, without a doubt, its flavour. It’s one of those unusual cases in which taste and aroma seem to improve after lighting the joint. When inhaling you’ll notice its delicious milky taste, and when exhaling your mouth will experience a real flavour explosion, almost as if you are eating cookies and yoghurt. Perhaps the biggest change with regards to the dry tasting is some sour notes, that once you start smoking, give way to sweeter nuances.

If I had to summarize it in a sentence, I would say it’s very similar to having a sugar-free yoghurt with shortbread cookies; very tasty, creamy, and with sweet and sour notes at the same time.

Psychoactive test​

Pure Kush Cookies’ effect is intense and noticeable from the first draw. It provides a strong physical and mental relaxation, although not particularly narcotic. It’s an ideal high to enjoy with a film or socializing with friends, or even with a good book or video game. After a while, you’ll feel certain mental sluggishness and a clear sensation of hunger, very common to many other cannabis strains.

A typical effect of many Indica-dominant hybrids: relaxing but not to the extent of being sedative. Powerful, intense, but enjoyable, it won’t cause any negative sensations, such as anxiety or paranoia. Personally, I love to smoke it at night, in a leisurely way, once I have finished my workload!


Extracts production is excellent, and the quality is great

Properties of Mamiko Seeds’ Pure Kush Cookies​

On a therapeutic level, this variety could be helpful in different scenarios:

  • Anxiety and stress reduction
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Appetite stimulation

We hope you found this article interesting, and hopefully it has inspired you to enter into the wonderful world of cannabis tasting, which can teach you so much about your favourite strains. If you’ve also tried this strain and would like to give your opinion, or just want to share any doubts or tips, we’ll be delighted to answer any questions. And remember: in our article on introduction to marijuana tasting you’ll find plenty of tips to get you started!

Happy smoking!

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