So, my dad has a type of lymphoma...


Would start with a gran or 2. Its not hard to digest just 10 grams is alot to jump into. Have him break it up over the course of the day. Will have same effect. My wife slammed her sludge right before treatment daily. Alot of others who went through similar treatments recommended bee pollen too. I can't remember why but she added teaspoons of it to drinks too.


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Thanks chief, I appreciate it!

He was supposed to start chemo weeks ago, but there was red tape to be worked out. It seems to have worked out for the best though. Instead of 7k per treatment, the VA is covering it, and all he should have to pay are tiny co-pays for the drugs I guess. Hopefully the discomfort will be minimal through the treatments, with the help and advice from you guys, and whatever else they can find.
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