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So first update since pop, she is bit of a slow vegger. I have shortened/changed her name to Candyhole. Already getting some orange candy on the stem rub. I am pretty excited for this plant it has been awhile since I have had some really tasty orange. 20210421_131544.jpgShe may end up getting a full season run just because I don't think she will be big enough to light dep on my schedule and if i like it as much as I think I am going to I want a solid supply of orange candy dabs.


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loved my experience with what I germinated (GB Bx2)

I would suggest this for anyone who loves great flavor and terps

not a donkey dick in bud structure but def some nice looking sml-mid range (reminds me of motorbreath in that bag appeal example )


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hey hawk i also got some bx4f1 free with a pack of bx4. I haven't run any yet though so dont know how they yield. Ive only run 2 females from the bx4 so far and ive run one of them a few times but shes a bit more leafy than i like but Little better yielding still great weed. all the phenos ive run have all been top quality weed some are lower yielding but still top notch smoke...anywho here is a bx4..shes front middle in 2 gallon of promix. Thats a bx1f1 in the back right. The one gallons are a different strain in coco ak47 x super skunk.image_536261.jpg


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Yep all good dudes rip bog and josey... Tony has seen most of these at icmag...i think hes a busy dude now with all the stuff he's got going on... Cant wait to run a couple ril i got ready might try to sneak a run in but busy summer and the heat is coming fast idk and cant forget dansbuds that dude grew some seriously frosty dank...
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Has anyone else noticed that gg4 ril is very susceptible to PM?
I tossed one in bin today because of persistent PM and have another plant halfway through flower that can’t seem to shake it
These are outdoor plants growing with various other strains that have never had PM, so it’s probably not the environment.
I’m guessing gg4 ril is better indoors….
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