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Ever since the first weed vaporizers got to Alchimia Grow shop, we developed a great interest in the vaporization world and its advantages for the cannabis user, both therapeutic and recreational, but also for any type of medicinal plant consumption.

Vaporization offers several benefits (source: Sensi Seeds)

Vaporization offers several benefits (source: Sensi Seeds)

Vaping allows you to limit the harmful consequences of combustion, as it produces fewer toxins and free radicals. Thanks to vaporization, consumers don’t inhale tar and avoid a high number of carcinogenic elements.

This article presents you with a selection of 5 vaporizers, each of them highly compelling in their own way. Not every user has the same needs, so it’s important that each person finds the device that best suits their type of consumption.

Vital vaporizer​

Vital vaporizer

Vital vaporizer

For tight budgets

Alchimia presents the Vital vaporizer for dry herbs. This device, aimed to users with limited budgets, is nevertheless very sturdy and efficient.

Measuring 12.5 x 2 x 2.5cm, the Vital vaporizer is discreet, portable and fits easily in your pocket or small bag. Its size also gives you the advantage of being able to vape almost anywhere.

With a bowl capacity of 0.3-0.5g and heating temperatures ranging from 100-240°C, you will enjoy great vaping sessions of delicious and dense vapour clouds.

It also offers an autonomy of about 1 hour, depending on the temperature chosen. In addition, and an advantage that not all vaporizers offer, you can use it while it’s charging, a small benefit when you forget to charge the device or are enjoying long vaping sessions.

It’s an excellent choice for users who want to start vaporizing and are looking for a device that is affordable, easy to use, sturdy, and offers good quality vapour.

Pax 3​

Pax 3 vaporizer

Pax 3 vaporizer

Elegance, discretion and versatility

In addition to being remarkably smart, it has features that let you adapt the device to any type of consumption. The Pax 3 vaporizer can be used with dried marijuana buds, resins, concentrates and extractions.

The Pax 3 comes with an accessory that allows you to halve the filling chamber capacity; ideal for reducing or controlling your consumption. Microdosing enthusiasts will appreciate this feature, which is unique in the vaporization market.

It offers an excellent battery life with a device that lets you enjoy 90-minute sessions. It can be charged via a USB port or with the charger included. The battery takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge.

With a strong build and food-grade quality, this vaporizer for dried herbs and resins will go everywhere with you. Its small size fits perfectly in your pocket or a small backpack. You can use it with absolute discretion, since this device sits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Da Vinci IQ2​

Da Vinci IQ2 vaporizer

Da Vinci IQ2 vaporizer

The best cannabis vaporizer of 2020

This device is the enhanced version of what already was one of the best portable vaporizers in the market. As a novelty for 2020, Da Vinci presents the Da Vinci IQ2.

Intended for buds enthusiasts, but also for resin and concentrates users who want to vaporize their active ingredients anywhere. With the Da Vinci IQ2 you will be able to taste and enjoy all the terpenes in your chosen variety to the fullest.

With an all-ceramic internal vapour path, the Da Vinci IQ2 offers a purity of flavours worthy of the best desktop vaporizers. The air flow is adjustable thanks to a dial located on the device. This will allow you to control the vapour density without changing the temperature.

Another interesting novelty of this new Da Vinci version is the dose control. Thanks to a unique system to date, the IQ2 offers the user the ability to calculate the amount of active ingredients inhaled per draw and session; a very interesting feature especially for medical cannabis users.

Mighty by Storz & Bickel​

Mighty vaporizer

Mighty vaporizer

Solid value

Storz & Bickel
are veterans of the vaporization market. With the creation of the Volcano, a desktop vaporizer, they revolutionized the world of vaporization thanks to high-quality products and flawless manufacturing and performance.

When they announced they were working on a portable unit, we knew it would be great. The Mighty vaporizer offers a hybrid heating system similar to the brand’s first model that combines convection with conduction, which ensures the same vaporization quality as the best desktops units.

In addition to offering unparalleled vapour quality, it comes with two large batteries that grant it an autonomy hard to match by its competitors. You will be able to enjoy sessions of more than 2 hours before needing to charge the device.

It’s true that the batteries take up quite a lot of space, so the Mighty is not the most discreet vaporizer in terms of size. But for customers looking for the best portable vaporizer to use at home or in places where cannabis consumption is permitted, the Mighty is the most attractive option.

Arizer Solo II​

Arizer Solo II vaporizer

Arizer Solo II vaporizer

Flavour and autonomy

One of the most unique features of the Arizer Solo II is its borosilicate glass vapour tube. This feature makes possible to preserve all the dried herb organoleptic qualities (aromas and flavours). But it also allows you to easily clean the mouthpiece, an important factor for those who use their vaporizers on a regular basis.

The Arizer Solo II is a bulky device. Like the Mighty, it’s not a stealthy unit to vape marijuana, but at home or in a friendly environment it’s an excellent choice to enjoy your beloved buds.

Arizer Solo II has the greatest autonomy of all portable vaporizers, and offers sessions that can last for more than 3 hours before it needs charging.

This unit has a degree-by-degree temperature control that is presented, along with all the information provided by the vaporizer, on its LED display. For those looking for a vaporizer able to produce big and tasty vapour clouds, the Arizer Solo II offers a solid value.

A wide range of vaporizers awaits for you in

A wide range of vaporizers awaits for you in

We hope that thanks to this selection of the best 5 portable vaporizers of 2020, vaping enthusiasts are able to find or discover the unit that best adapts to their needs. And who knows? Maybe some of our readers who haven’t tried vaping yet will choose to change their consumption method…

Happy vaping!

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