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This section is for asking quick questions about various subjects in hopes of getting an answer faster than a traditional post. A new forum will be created for a section if the question(s) warrant it. For deeper discussions, post traditionally in the appropriate forums. This is meant as a way to facilitate communication and maximize members' use of their valuable time.

How to set up a question
All forums and threads in this section (Questions & Answers (Q&A) ) are automatically set to be question threads. In the forum list, there will be a red question mark to the right indicating a question thread that needs answers.

When starting a thread to the left of the input box you will see a drop down:


By dropping down you will see:



By default, your thread will use the blue prefix "Question" so no need to type "Question" in the thread title.
If you have an urgent question, select the red prefix "URGENT Question." please only use this if you need an expedited answer. Overuse will ruin its effectiveness.

You will see arrows like this to cast a +1 vote (Up arrow) or -1 vote (Down arrow).

The thread is sorted by highest to lowest number of votes so the timestamps may be jumbled. Highest votes goes to the top of the thread under OP's question.

The trophy at the top is used by the OP or a Moderator to award the best answer, which will then mark the question:

Best answers get tallied and displayed in the Members' section. There will be more in the future that may tie into the Badge award system.

Please contact me or a moderator with any issues or feedback.
Not open for further replies.
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