What is a ‘weed salad?’ Tips on cannabis cultivar blending


bad mother chucker
I was smoking a blended bowl when I saw this title. Had a rip of Romulan and KNL, got up to check on supper, came back and realized I was blasted.

I'll often mix up 3 or 4 or 5 strains in a small container, usually with a daytime or nighttime theme in the selection, and it makes for some powerful hits and some wicked highs.

They call it "weed salad" here, I've also seen mentions of the "entourage effect". A rose by any other name would still get me very, very stoned.


Tha Dank Hoarder
It’s fun to even have multple bowls that you can tell the diff and be smoking on multple or mix em or even have multi strain kief/extracts . Yuuumy

got me all fired up ;)
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