What's for dinner tonight?


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OMG, that is gonna be like butta baby. That is gorgeous beef. Who is your hook up lol, we need to talk.
Found this at Costco on sale then froze it for a bit. Prices especially for Prime are absolutely outrageous so we usually opt for the Choice which is pretty damn good but not like this. Just salt n pepper, no need for anything else, the meat n marble pack will speak for itself.


I'm personally more of a ham guy. But Deebs and I usually get the honey baked turkey breast along with the bone in ham from Nueskes. Didn't do it this year thought, my taste buds are already sad.
Love having the double option the table. Ham is killer too. God I am already hungry and it is only 7 am lol. I am gonna fast until food time, then eat til i achieve food coma.


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Sign me up. I love pho passionately even though I rarely get it.
Dude some good pho will cure what ails ya. Idk is it the star anise? I have found the no-MSG versions to be much more tolerable although less intense on taste. Every girl I’ve been w that I introduced pho to would request it during their monthly’s. Said it eased the pain and helped them recover much quicker. Even in 110F weather they’d send me out to find the best pho in town. I’d ask “you sure you don’t want like chicken soup, minestrone, etc?” All answered w a resounding NO. BRING ME PHO NOW. Then I’d come back w a bonus bar of Toblerone and you could actually see them feeling extreme relief from the before n after combo. So damn interesting on how certain foods affect someone’s state of mind and well being.


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My mom used to make mashed potatoes AND potato salad. Copious amounts of gravy. My request. Talk about starch city lol.
Is it me or is potato salad without celery and WARM is better than the cold potato salads you often find out there?
1000%. My mom makes a warm german potato salad with mustard and bacon and Id take that over the mayo and celery version every damn day

With how cold it’s been getting how about some Thanksgiving Pho?

Man, I could eat noodles every day, dont care about the weather outside lol. Basically my diet would just consist solely of a variety of tacos, curries and noodle bowls if I didnt have all these other people with their opinions around
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