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  1. BH

    BH'S WINTER 23-24 SPRING Indoor

    Lets get this Rolling! :thisisfine::doge: :alert::alert::alert: GONNEA GET WILD UP IN HERE HEHE :punkrocker::rastajoint::bong::dancingsmiley":superhappydance::alert::powerup: ------ ******************* General Grow Information = ----------- Veg Room –---------- * 1st stage light HLG 65 *...
  2. BH

    BH 2023 Outdoor Grow

    Outdoor Season , Lets get started! Final area size : 40ft x40ft Grow square Medium: 10+ year created /used super soil/no till (25 GAL-200 GAL) all big pots put into the ground so "in ground" effect and also saves alot of height Feed: Topped Dressed ( its a secret, nah ) and weekly Tea's, stop...
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