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Welcome to!

This site is free to all who care to join, read, contribute, & share. It is designed as a safe spot for first timers and experienced connoisseurs alike to post info, pictures, share knowledge, journal their grows & more. This forum is also designed to be community based, so like any civilized community -there has to be some basic rules established.

The rules are simple and are as follows:

1.There will be NO DOXXING.
Doxxing is anything that consists of revealing a persons name/address/phone number/email/IP address/picture/age etc. Private messages and/or screenshots of private messages are not to be used in the public forum. We at consider this a form of "Doxxing" and we believe that all PM's are private and should remain that way. We take all of this very seriously and it will not be tolerated. This is grounds for instant ban.

We at understand that there will be difference in opinions on more than one subject from time to time, and thats cool. We just ask that you keep it plant related and free of rude remarks. If you want to talk politics, religion, or spew hate then there are plenty of other forums for that.

3.There will be NO SPAM.
If you come on here to sell anything, post links, post inappropriate literature, hate speech, nudity etc....your posts will be treated as SPAM and will be deleted. This is under total discretion of the staff at

If another site similar in nature has wronged you or made you upset with their practices, please take your complaints and/or criticisms to their doorstep. This forum isnt the place to air grievances from other sites.

You are allowed (1) member account on this forum. If you arent scurvy, insufferable, lying, thieving, or trying to hide -there is no need for multiple accounts. If you forgot your sign-in info simply contact @HydroRed or @spyralout for assistance in regaining access to your original account.

All buying, selling, trading, gifting, etc. should be done in Private Message/Off Site and with due caution. An exchange of email off site is recommended for any of these actions, but at minimum need to be discussed in private (not on public threads).
We at accept no responsibility for ANY discussions, agreements or transactions made on or off site. We ask that you exercise caution when dealing with others in regards to any of the aforementioned activities and keep posts of this nature in private or off site.
Posts made publicly that go against these Terms Of Service will be deleted at staff discretion.

Treat others with the same respect you would like others to show you.

We would also like to provide some very basic info to help keep your personal info, private messages, and posts safe.

-Dont give out any personal information -keep it personal.
-Dont post a picture of your face, house, license plate (or anything else that would easily identify you).
-Dont give out cues to your exact location.

Be smart and exercise caution.

Minimum Age Requirement
The minimum age requirement to participate at is 21 years of age.

Terminating Accounts
We at want to be very clear with our site rules. Before making an account, we want all of our members to understand our intentions and know what to anticipate when they create an account here. In the sake of site preservation and for thread continuity purposes, does not delete member accounts (even when requested). When member accounts (and all posts associated with that member) are deleted from threads etc, it destoys the continuity of a thread and can make threads hard or impossible to follow for someone reading along. For this reason alone, we will not delete your member account (even when requested) no matter how insignificant you feel your account is.
If you would like your post/thread deleted, or want to "End" your account please contact a member of our staff.

If you see something inappropriate, or anything you feel might not meet the guidelines of the forum -let our staff know! Use the "Report" link next to the post(s) and a member of our staff will be notified of the content.
If you find an issue with the site, or just want to reach out with a suggestion please feel free to contact any of our Staff located HERE in the "Members" tab on the main page. holds no responsibility for any info you provide to other members in posts or private messages etc.
We take your privacy very seriously here at and never share any of our members information with any third party companies.

Enjoy, and welcome to the community!
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