1. Landrace_Warden

    Arghandab Kandahar Landrace

    A R G H A N D A B, K A N D A H A R S O U T H E R N A F G H A N I S T A N | 1000-1500 m above sea level | 31° N Landrace Warden has undertaken an arduous journey that has led him to explore the most exclusive and renowned Landrace Cannabis spots of Pakistan and Afghanistan. This extensive...
  2. BH

    BH 2022 Outdoors!

    Outdoor Season ,Lets get started! Final area size : 40ft x40ft Grow square Medium: 10+ year created /used super soil/no till (25 GAL-200 GAL) all big pots put into the ground so "in ground" effect and also saves alot of height Feed: Topped Dressed ( its a secret, nah ) and weekly Tea's, stop...
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