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Man I love scotty and the DGC to death been a patron for a long time lol but I'm pretty sure this is really no different than osmocote, maybe a slightly different formulation but the same concept I'm sure, it's just slow release pellets of mineral based nutes, but definitely a useful concept for anyone wanting a set it and forget it type grow for sure, it's a to each his or her own preferred method type deal, but my understanding is that they are geared towards nitrogen release early and then the p and k start becoming more available later in the grow so if you get the amount right for the cultivar your growing it should just auto feed close to what the plants want as they progress, dependent upon container size, veg length, etc of course


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Got a small bag of along with "re-charge" watch "dudes" a lot like the new "Know your Breeder" there is a prodcut called Myco-Chum it liquid just like re-charge but has mollasses in it both are good like myco-chum better but still get re-charge now and then to support Dudegrow. But as you stated thay are other productes out there. -- would have to adjust you feeding in relation to grow dots ?? seem thay would be of benefit in outsdie grows. Here are a fdew other podcasts: Cannibis / The grow show with Kyle Kushman / Adam dunn Show / Grow from you Heart podcast / The Pod cast --- Peace
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