Halloween Playlist


Haha yeah. Im a big fan of the one band, one song rule for group playlists (i actually do this a lot with my friends and shared Spotify playlists). Because like for this one, Type O Negatives entire discography is basically a Halloween playlist lol. They have at least 3 songs with Halloween IN THE NAME.

I was surprised no one had posted The Misfits yet really. Then again I kind of think Mim likely already has that on his LOL.

Horror Punk and Psychobilly both work out well for this, as half the lyrics are based on movies. I need to add some Skinny Puppy in here though.

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Hell yes. You guys rock. I wasn't expecting that big of a reply so fast! I love it!! My apple music playlist is about to be so much better with just what you've already added today!

Type O Negatives entire discography
So today while driving home I let a song ride out that I've never heard. " this would go good on the halloween playlist" I thought, and had to grab my phone to see what it was. Sure enough it was Type O Negative. I guess I have went all these years, read their name a bazillion times, and never listened to their music somehow. It is sweet. LOL I been sleeping on this.
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