November 2021 Photo of the Month Contest


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Sweet! Hey y’all, I’m from Southwest Michigan! Here is:
Super Hero (Skunk Hero x Endgame #5) by Ethos
Cultivated 100% organically by me

Nature was used as my IPM. No till cover crop with farming method was used. Top dressed at the beginning of flower, only water and fish for feed.
Grow log at @Hagarshore on IG.
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true-ly organic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice flower, bet it taste great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ant tea's used besides water ? what do you add for top dressing in flower, amking a "dress" up for veg and flower to be applied at weel 4 of veg and then week 4 of flower


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Dubble Sundae bred by Cannarado

I could of waited till later in the month and posted a picture of this one at harvest but I absolutely love how I can see every little trichome from stem to head all around the leaves and all over this plant. So I had to share it with you guys.
Damn, I thought I could win, but not anymore
some kind of wonderful fire alarm GIF
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