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"The Philosopher, is Stoned"
I've heard a Mazar-I-Shariff plant pheno came out smelling like sewage before.... heard at least one person on here day a plant smelled like poo. Personally I've not had this happen yet, but a stand out like that lol....

Loving how you have this looking bro :)
Hey amigo, I believe I'm that Poo guy! I'm digging through my last jar of a strain, the likes of which you speak. I've found 2 beans [thank God] and there is about a zip left. On rare occasions she'd sport a few balls and give me a few seeds. Overwhelmed by a bunch of seedlings stacking up, I somehow decided to let her go:eek:. She smelled like a fresh bowl of Blueberries that was dropped into a fresh pile of dog shit! Strong and incredibly smooth, plus she damn near grew herself!
The moral of the story kids, always try your produce, before you judge it!
The only reason I let her go, was the slight intersex issues. Now I'm hoping that I can find another dozen beans or so before the jar is gone.

Edit: So as not to derail this thread, I like this format, when it has been finished and approved, perhaps it would be best to have uniform testing guidelines.
Subbed for certain!
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