So I bought a sous vide...


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If said imput material is already decarb'd, why the lengthy heating with butter/thc? I only heat until fully incorporated. I never understood the cost vs reward ro these fancy "magical" Butter machines. A double boiler setup accomplishes the same end result, but at a way cheaper alternative.

I always use extracts, therefore I know the potency (+/-5mg) and can dose properly. I have a group of MS (multiple sclerosis patients) I've been making butter for for nearly 10 years. All sleep through the night, half or more have been able to kick 2 scripts off of their daily intake of meds. They can't smoke flower, most are older folks and all are non-smokers. So edibles are the best option.

I need to have my ratios spot on, as to not be too potent, yet potent enough to work. They get cbd/thc butter. Dm for certain ratios if you like. I don't post info like this publically (15yrs of r&d on my end).


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well, tried some butter out Friday evening. not sure if it was the adult beverages and/or the butter, but I was rather messed up. finally an edible of mine that worked!!!

wife will make brownies after her work trip and see if she agrees that it's pretty potent.


and this chart too:
The important thing to understand about the different decarboxylation graphs like this one, is how the experiment was performed. In this one note that it was marijuana extract placed on a hot glass surface in an open reactor. You don't get the same results decarboxylating using other processes like herb in the oven.

The above curve shows the peak THC achieved at about 70% of total THC-A, because at that point the THC-A is depleted and the same heat that is converting THC-A into THC, is breaking down the existing THC into its lower states like CBN. It is also breaking down the CBN, so that it doesn't rise in the same proportions.

The easiest way that I've found is to precisely decarboxylate the concentrate is after extraction so that I can watch the CO2 bubble formation. You will note from the link that I previously posted that Ghee or Clarified butter's smoke point is 252C/485F, which means that after you have filtered the plant material out, you can heat it to 121C/250F in a hot vegetable oil bath and watch the bubbles.

You have hit the peak of the above extraction curve when bubble production suddenly drops off at 70%, which is the maximum THC stage, but if you wish a more sedative med, continue to heat until bubble free.

Here's a link to some more decarboxylation data: 10.1.4 Decarboxylation 101 - GrayWolf's Lair


I love our sous vide for things like the perfect steak and things like the Creme Brulee and Cheese Bites that I posted, but believe it would be less than ideal for extraction. The reason is lack of agitation.

When a solvent (hot butter) meets a concentrate and dissolution begins, the contact zone changes so that the solvent is diluted and the surface being dissolved becomes less concentrated. That slows down and eventually stops dissolution.

The way to achieve maximum extraction efficiency is to regularly replenish that contact zone with fresher solvent by stirring, shaking, vibrating, or pumping action.

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