Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

Umpty Candy

In Bloom
Anyone have experience on this one? Looks cool, but is it worth the $ ? I can make a gravity bong from a bucket..

Glass Gravity Hookah | Stündenglass™ - Gravity Perfected

Really love the Pineapple globes... (sold out atm..)

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Tha Dank Hoarder
cool stuff, im sure a lot of people would love that

looks like a pineapple

did you know when Euro discovered Pineapples and for many years they were so valuable to "own" and eat people would have business just to rent the pineapple to you and many in that era u would see the pictures of everyone surrounding the pineapple. imagine paying so much for a fruit u don't even eat and u rent it to show off at ur parties ?

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