easy organics

  1. misterDeeby

    coir and organic dry amendments

    ^^i split this from the box store organics thread, so things would stay more organized. @Rozgreenburn so is it a simple swap, or do you reduce your liming agent (lime, shell, etc) to compensate for coir being a neutral substrate, vs acidic peat? as the coir decomposes/degrades, do you see a...
  2. pwnytailjoe

    PTJ's 4-gallon pot R&D thread

    What is it? It's a first of it's kind, seed-to-harvest, (organic)herbal-medicine growing kit. The kit includes everything a new grower needs to get started growing herbal medicine minus the grow light, fans and space to grow it. Who is it for? The kit is designed with the new grower in mind...
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