5 minute compost tea brewer

Less than twenty bucks and about five minutes, I have a compost tea bubbler! Small aquarium air pump, air line, air stone, a five gallon bucket and some hot glue (if it doesn’t hold, I’ll use silicone). I hope it works ok. It doesn’t produce “violent” bubbles, just small gentle ones. 1DE32B05-FBE9-461A-A8AA-DD45570F1CA8.jpeg
I think it will work just great!
Do you have a recipe in mind,, what are you putting in there ?
Those lids are stubborn sometimes. If you have trouble getting it off, just slip a couple of fingers in the bunghole.
For now, I am going to be using Zen Products Buddha Bags. Premade tea bags. I will search recipes when I am settled into the new room. As far as the lids, I’ve done drywall for twenty years....I fear no bucket lid!!! Hahaha!
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