5TB Seagate Portable Hard Drive - $89.99 @ Costco (limited time until 5/17/20) *Updated - Until 4/4/21*


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Went to Costco today, and this is a helluva deal, just passing it along ✌:

no need to go to the store, free shipping.

Now I can download those awesome Resources that @Deebs put up, and then some! Hard copies are always nice to have, but put it this way, if you only budgeted $100 to spend on weed literature, getting this and downloading the e-books would pay for itself the same day. Then you can go crazy with the pics, videos, whatever because hey...5 TB! ??

Dino Party

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does it come with the nekkid lady pics or do I gotta put tehm on thre myself?
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