Angola Red x Original Haze by White Buffalo Seeds.


This is my second round with this strain. I have 3 phenos.
An Angola pheno, a Haze pheno & 50/50 pheno. I have moms going for all 3 phenos.

All organic this round.
In 3gal airpots.
Most are in a blend of ProMix HP/Ocean Forest/Happy Frog.
A few others are in Big Rootz Super Soil.
They vegged for a bout 5wks then flipped. Now standing about 5ft. Under a 600w LED light to minimize stretching.
Earth Juice Nutrients.
Mykos & Rhizotonic.


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Tilts at Tables
They look downright dangerous Sdls.
I have some organic tendencies, however I am not growing on that level.

Do they finish as they stand ?
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