August 2020 Photo Of The Month Contest


GK Genetics
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The top three photos with the most likes by the end of the month will be selected for a final poll to select the winner.

- One entry per participant

- You can like as many photos as you wish

*** New Rule ***
- In order to not discourage people from entering and trying to win the prize pack - if you won the previous month's prize pack, then you can still enter but will not be eligible to win a prize pack until the next month. We have some folks out there with some seriously amazing plants and photo skills and it wouldn't be fair if we had a super professional cleaning house every month. We also still have the "Paparazzi" badge available for anyone who wins 3 POTM which is still doable with this rule in place. There could be something in store for that as well. We appreciate everyone's understanding about this.

Prizes: TBD
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