Back in the saddle

Hello All,
Looking forward to picking up the hobbie once again. Any comments or advice are welcome and appreciated.

i am a little late to the show. The two in the front are European genetics. Bergmans LSD, gold leaf, green crack born on 5/25. The two in the back are 20 year old bag seed with a 10 day head start. the one on the right might be an early Sour d.

I'm cranking a meanwell 600 3500k LED with FF organic mix. water and occasional neptune's harvest only.

Impressed with new tech. Used original Hydro Farm System in the past. (80/90's) Plastic trays and what they called geolite (ceramic pellets) MH veg and Hps flower. The heat was tuff to manage but the C02 helped a little.

Other than a little light burn and foliar feeding burn they are coming along well. Just flipped and I'm ready for the ride. 4 week.jpg 20200611_veg.jpg flip 1.jpg flip.jpg seedling.gif veg.jpg veg1.jpg


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