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I have to concur. These are extremely stretchy and could have the possibility of damping off. The light needs to be closer. In my experience, rockwool has not been forgiving. Possible pH issues here too. Try Rapid Rooters or Root Riots, with the light being closer. What kind of light and wattage are you hitting them with?

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New to growing thanks for all the advice
@Cinnup3x if you have not discovered it yet there is a site called There is tons of info out there some good some NOT so good. That site is a good starting point to get down a base of information. I have never worked with the rock wool but i would recommend soil or coco to make things a little easier. If you study a site like that good so you can get a good base of knowledge and then start a grow journal here and there are plenty of good growers willing to help. All of us started at some point but the above advice is the easiest road. I will keep a eye peeled for your journal.
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