"big fat butts, just roaring down the road,"


bad mother chucker
Nothing I've ever encountered in nature has terrified me like a grizzly bear. I'm covered in goosebumps just from watching the video.
Black bears are potential killers but usually they are wimps. Grizzlies fear nothing but a meaner grizzly.


Tilts at Tables
They say blackbears would scavenge across the bottom of Alberta , all the way to CypressHills. Nevermore.
Wolf disappeared after Bison, around 1900.
Still get the odd moose down from the Old Man.
I have seen Elk and Cougar on The Milk and Pakowki.

I have only spotted a couple of bears when on foot. Oliver, BC and WatertonPark Twin Lakes. Both Black.
I have a healthy fear of all animals larger than myself.
,,,and Skunks, I could kill a porcupine with my bare hands if I was hungry enough ,,,but those skunks , dont get me started on skunks.


bad mother chucker
but those skunks , dont get me started on skunks.
I love skunks out in the wild. I'd feel different if they were denning under my porch, but in my limited experience, in nature you usually get what you deserve from an encounter.

Elk Island Park had a thriving and casual population back in the 70's. They were a common sight, but nobody messed with them so they were cool. I remember the couple in the next campground telling us about playing cards by lantern at their picnic table the night before. The lady felt something brush her leg so she looked under the table and there was a momma skunk followed by her babies casually strolling through. They kept playing cards.

Then a few years ago at Medicine Lake (near Drayton Valley, not the one in Jasper Park) I was walking to my camp site in the dark and suddenly there was a huge commotion a short distance ahead (probably less than 50 yards). The smell hit us very shortly after. A group of drunks out stumbling around managed to spook a skunk and got drenched.

I don't know all the details, but they did see the skunk ahead of time, as they split into two groups before it sprayed. There was a less idiotic faction who escaped, which was very fortunate as one of them was pushing an infant in a stroller. The rest of them had a really shitty night.


Cougars probably scare me more than they should, given that I have spent countless hours in their territory and they have chosen to leave me be.
I have spoken with a few people that have had encounters though, including one that was followed out of a well known fishing spot after a sleepless night of hearing it pacing and snorting in the dark in the thick brush on the hill above and around him. They are definitely a dangerous creature, but man is not generally on the menu.


bad mother chucker
Skunks, Wolverines, and Redheads.
I avoid confronting any beast so readily willing to fight to the death.
Have you guys got raccoons down there?

There are occasional reports up in the Edmonton region, but I've never had a confirmed sighting myself, just a few glimpses at the edge of the headlights and a couple sets of tracks.

I've been interested in them since reading Rascal as a child, though I know what invasive and destructive beasts they can be.
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