Brothers With Glass Mystery Box


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So I figured I'd share my experiences with this... I was looking for a new chillum and was surprised how few places seemed to have them, so @AlienAthena suggested I check out Online Headshop | Bongs, Dab Rigs, Hand Pipes | Brothers with Glass...

In perusing their site I saw they had a section of mystery boxes, and I'm a sucker for a good mystery. You can choose a flower or concentrate box and a price tier... $50, $100, $150 etc... the reviews were pretty good too, with people saying they got all kinds of stuff, and you can leave a note if there's anything you specifically would like to see...

I decided to go with the $100 tier and actually had a 10% off coupon... S&H was super reasonable too

My box arrived today and here's what it contained...


At first I was a disappointed, the papers and tube are clearly just throw ins... but upon further inspection, it actually appears to be a pretty good deal, and it was fun to unwrap everything... both pieces are made in the USA by Chameleon Glass and are nice, heavy, thick glass, and the bubbler has a pretty neat down pipe (though maintenance may be a PIA)


And the value was definitely there... these two pieces would sell for about $120 purchased individually...

All in all, not blown away per se (get it? Blown? Like the glass?...) but still quite happy with my purchase, and I will almost definitely buy from them again


Cannabis Chaotician
@HydroRed yeah it didn't have the visual. Impact I was expecting... other reviewers got like 4-6 pieces, but I think I got nicer stuff... I saw a lot of simple spoons and smaller pieces. And it is nice that it was all US made. But I kinda wanted to pull out a pile of glass, even if it was a pile of cheaper pieces, you know? It is a really nice bubbler though...

@AlienAthena I am really stoked on the colors they sent and it's cool they kind of coordinated the package! Im usually super picky as well and that actually led me to this purchase because I basically had indecision paralysis haha... this took the decision out of my hands


Cannabis Chaotician
So a little update on this purchase... the bubbler is useless. Those little holes clog every time I smoke and absolutely suck to clean. I emailed Brothers with Glass and they won't do anything beyond offer a 10% off coupon, which is a joke because they hand those out like candy on Halloween. So I have an expensive piece of trash now. So unfortunately while it's a fun idea, I can't recommend this product at this point because you may end up with an expensive shelf decoration like me. I have half a mind to try and melt out the bottom of the downspout to try and make it functional but I have no idea what I'm doing lol. It's so nice it sucks to just throw it away but I know I won't clean it every day.
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