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Not naming any names but somone strongly suggested that I start a journal. In thinking about about it, it sounded like a good Idea. I can at least track my grows and get real time advice along the way. I'll use this journal to document both indoor and outdoor grows, and other shit like tinctures, creams, edibles and maybe some vegetables too. But mostly growing stuff.

A little background, I'm a veteran of outdoor growing but currently finishing up my first indoor grow. I purchased a 5'x5' tent from craigslist and some QB132's off of amazon. Since it is chilly in my basement, I added a small ceramic heater. I'm using a F&D setup inspired by @HydroRed and feeding with Masterblend nutes.

Here's what going on in the tent:
I'm currently running a bunch @SCJedi 's cuts. I've got some Bodega Bubblegum x Nigerian Sunshine, Blackwater X Nigerian Sunshine and Bodega Bubblegum F2
Here's some pics at ~day 56 at 10/14


Another BB x NS
BB x NS2 19APR20_2.jpg

Bodega Bubblegum F2
bodega bubblegum F2 _19APR20.jpg
and Blackwater x NS

They all should finish up in the next couple of weeks. I've got a lot of tip burn from running my ppms too high.

These just got wet on 4/20:
From @sparrowhawk420, LVTKxGoofy Grape and Purple Komodo(Blue Iguano x Fat Purple)
From @Phylex (GK Gentics), Ground Pounder and XFiles
From @Rosinallday, MACx DLA5 and MACxAAW

That's it for now. I'll try to do an update on a weekly basis.

Stay safe and keep growing.
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A little update from the cellar.
All the girls are doing great. I'm just waiting for them to ripen up.
Blackwater x Nigerian Sunshine
Blackwater x NS_26APR20.jpg

Bodega Bubblegum F2
bodega bubblegum F2 _26APR20.jpg

Bodega Bubblegum x Nigerian Sunshine 1 and 2
BB x NS1 26APR20.jpg BB x NS2 26APR20.jpg
Sprouts are up. Ground Pounder was first quickly followed by MAC x DLA5, X Files, MAC x AAW and LVTK x Goofy Grape. 18 for 18.
Purple Komodo didn't pop, 0 for 4. I'm still holding out but dropped 4 Cackle Monkey (Cackleberry x Space Monkey).
I also got some cool new stickers in the mail this week. I'll find a good spot to place them. Thanks @spyralout.
stickers 26APR20.jpg

Unfortunately the bee didn't make it.


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Awesome glad they made it pretty quick. Looking sweet man. I have some of those MAC crosses from @Rosinallday too. Very curious about those, was gonna pop em this next run, but they're gonna have to wait until we make a better space to run regs again. I would've chosen those two as well.


Maybe he's just highAF
Unfortunately the bee didn't make it.


That's disappointing, had high hopes for him. ?


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I still may run some GP here I know for sure hyper cherry pie and some gifted beans from a member on a different site. I did run citrol sledgehammer and was impressed have some clones going at a friend's who is learning he loved the smoke.

I'll be paying attention to the GP most definitely.


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Been a long time! I took a break from the forums between harvesting, the pandemic and bunch of other crap going down, I needed to focus on bringing in some money. I'm still working on money part but decided to post an update.

So I finished up my first indoor grow. I took down 2 x Bodega Bubblegum F2, 3 x Bodega Bubblegum x Nigerian Sunshine and 1 x Blackwater x Nigerian Sunshine. The BBxNS did well. Lots of nice solid nugs. The BWxNS also produces nice hard nugs but yielded less. The BB produce a lot of airy buds but thats what hash runs are for.
Bodega Bubble (left), BWxNS (center) and BBxNS (right)

I also chucked a little polen on the lower branches of the BWxNS and got a nice little pile of seeds.
BWxNS seeds_20200606.jpg

Cackle Monkey and Purple Komodo seeds never popped. Shit happens. Could be grower error but since they went in the drink at the same time as everything else, it seems unlikely.
X-Files and LVTKxGoofy Grape were uppotted into 5.5" cubes and are in the tent. The back left is the red pheno Bodega BubblegumxNigerian Sunshine that I'm trying to reveg. X-Files are the darker green ones and LVTKxGG are the lighter ones

The weather has been nice and I put out Ground Pounder, MACxAAW and MACxDLA5.

Ground Pounder
GP1_20200606.jpg GP2_20200606.jpg Ground Pounder_20200606.jpg

MACxAAW_20200606.jpg outdoor 20200606.jpg


MACxDLA5_1_20200606.jpg MACxDLA5_3_20200606.jpg

For those of you keeping score at home, you may have noticed that the plant count went down. Thats because I gifted 3 plants to my friendly neighborhood growmie.


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Lessons learned from my 1st indoor grow.
  1. Tents seem big until you start filling them up with plants and then the plants stretch but that what super cropping is for.
  2. @HydroRed F&D setup works great. Just make sure that the pump stays upright and remember the hydrogen peroxide. I ran out and couldn't find any and things got a little funky.
  3. I was concerned about the low humidity in basement and put a humidifier in the tent. I pulled it out, the plants make enough humidity.
  4. Masterblend worked great. Easy to use, dissolves easily I could get it shipped here.
  5. QB132's with the LRS350-36 worked flawlessly. I'll probably add some more before the current grow gets flipped into flower. The only drawback is that they don't produce enough heat. I ended up putting a small heater in the tent to keep temps at 75F when the lights are on.
  6. Thanks to @SCJedi for the genetics. These plants were an easy grow and didn't mind a little abuse.


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Welcome back @Bruno8437 ?

Great pics and excellent presentation. Good stuff on the first indoor run!! Buds n beans from lowers (so it was controlled lol ?).

The lessons learned is a great rundown. Concise, to the point, and easily perused by others for awesome key points. Good to hear about LRS350-36 drivers, we've both seen the same posts about bang-for-the-buck efficiency.

Keep em coming, if you're doing outdoor, post em up, I love seeing a good outdoor garden ?
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