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just been taking pictures of buds with phone - Seen a camera that attaches to phone (Method Seven) considering purchase of. Looks good and have seen pictures of buds' by it. Anyone use this product or has anyone have any other suggestions./ Thanks
I think it's more of an attachable filter? Probably acts as a polarizing filter and helps correct white balance issues.

I never thought about using a polarizer for weed photos... I'm more of a dslr photo taker, i think I'll slap my circular polarizer on it and see how that goes.

For white balance, I just set to Tungsten, and correct the cyan channel in post if I was using flash.
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I will totally vouch for their products though! I was a bit skeptical given the price, but man once your eyeballs are looking through the lenses, you can tell these aren't just cheap gimmicks. They do what they claim they do 100%.


Edit: Don't put your glasses on your pot plants. It leaves sticky shit all over them! šŸ˜Ž


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I use an iphone 11, and these sandmarc lenses for when I want to take really clear or macro shots... If you use any version iphone, they make cases that fit and hold the lenses.

Pretty dope.

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