Ceramic Metal Halide or Light Emitting Ceramic, CMH/LEC

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This spot here, there's a top directly under a vertical hood. 12 inches (ish). That's about as close as I've gotten without seeing any ill effect.
This room is a hodge podge of different shaped 315 hoods, and HLG boards.
Took it right to the brink of overgrown!!!!

Also to be noted, this has been flowering at 10/14 for just beyond 30 nights. The photon saturation is so high, I can get away with shorter "days".

I generally have a little more wiggle than a foot, but they seem to be taking it well.

@Skunky Dunk Farms , I also use a cheapo brand(Dr. Meter) LUX device.
Works wonders with white LED/CMH to get an idea of light levels. Not nearly as precise as an actual PAR meter, but once I know how my meter reacts to my equipment, it's a great tool for baseline setup.
30K and above LUX, pushes chunks.
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I will vouch for CMH, Philips premium bulb. I sprinkled in a few bare bulb using the sockets from cheap HPS hoods along w Different bar LEDs in different tents, one set of 600w GV2 from Canada via @Turpman and two sets of 600w Kingbrites w Samsung LM301H w Cree Reds. I tried using the wing hood but it didn’t work out well due to space limitations. I burned my shirt sleeve once on the bare bulb. However I did notice smth about the CMH. The plants that were closer to the CMH produced more “fuzzy trichs” like a carpet. It was very obvious when compared to the other plants that weren’t as close to the CMH. After all was said n done, the buds that had those fuzzy trichs were consumed first. I first discovered this after watching @Capt. C run his 315 Sport light, which had a CMH in the middle surrounded by a square of LED boards. After a sample zip worth of some spectacular Mac1 fuzzy trich bud I was intrigued to see if I could reproduce this and the CMH was the secret sauce.


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In my testing with cmh.
Cmh veg bulb (Philip's 942 bulb) works great in flower. Lowers heat by 2* per bulb/hood vs the 930 flower bulb. The 942 bulb produced tighter node spacing and more frost. Albeit at a slight less weight (aprox 3/4 oz per plant, normal 5oz plant average weight).

Ushio beat Philip's cmh by 2umol of uvb. Philip's beat/s all other bulbs in every aspect.
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