Tilts at Tables
I believe water AND conversation are universal solvents.
Give water time, and it will dissolve anything.
Talk can disseminate as well.
A good chat can reduce anything back to basic structures.
That is why some things are ‘sacred’, we are discouraged from questioning dogma, because it flakes apart so readily.
I encourage irreverence and independent thought,,with enough momentum, ideas become an unstoppable force.


In Bloom
Some nice CW grows in here.

I don't have much to share. I've only run a couple phenos of Cowboy Lemonade through flower so far. Both looked great, one had amazing lemon candy terps.

I have some Creamsicle crosses in veg right now; 1 each of Cereal Bars (FPOG), Pint Sized (Gello), The Jelly Donut (AF x WHG #35)

Cowboy Lemonade.



In Bloom
I am so glad to see someone is growing these out. I got some chillin for spring time. Can't wait to see how she finishes up. How is she smelling so far?
She smells like strawberry jam. Not a super strong smell, but it is convincing.

This is the first CW bean I've ever cracked, not bad for 1 seed so far!

I purposely chose a mutant deformed looking seed as this was part of my experiment of switching to 1 gal fabric pots (from 3gal) thanks to @Frimpong and his advice about making that switch. I love having the smaller pots and plants in the tent. Gives me a lot more flexibility in my setup.


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I like the sound of that. I have been searching for strong strawberry terps. How far into flower is she?
CW has at least 2 variants of a "jelly" strain. "Jelly Delicious" and "The Jelly Donut". Both are White Hot Guava x Creamsicle, but different WHG mamas.

How far into flower is she?
I'm not 100% sure lmao. I flipped this tent somewhere around the 1st week of November. 6-7 weeks is my best guess. None of these look like they'll be done next week, so I expect harvest sometime after the new year.
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