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just found this site - but need to go to Discord for conversations - - site seems OK
here's a list of some of their breeders (believe this site is for breeders - don't see were ay strain are for sale)
Bodhi seeds
Nierika Seed trust
Medicine Mountian sativa
Landranceteam research Center
Indian landrance exchange

FYI thoughts on site ??

Fluffy Butt

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Seems like they encourage other people to preserve lines and make seeds, and offer a kind of distribution service. I believe Baker Creek operates similarly. As long as credit and perhaps some financial compensation is given to the grower who made the seeds, I don't see a problem with it.

Might turn out to be a nice way to share genetics and get your name out there.


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I think something like this could great for the community. Even more so if it was focused.
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