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I'm Dandy Seeds

I've been breeding Cannabis for over 10 years now, and before that I was breeding flowers pretty much my whole life.

So. Free seeds. Here we go!

Contact me through email, not on the Forum.
I will need a first choice, a couple alternate choices, and an address to send to. I will pay postage.

I email about once a week, so be patient.

I'll give away 10 packages of each strain to start with, and we will see how it goes.
The female is listed first, i.e. (female plant x male plant)

Strains that are available:

Strains that have passed at least one field test:

Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Blue Box (Blue Lotus x Pandora’s Box)
Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Chocolate Ganesh (Ganesh x Chocolate)
Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Chocolate Unicorn (Road Kill Unicorn x Chocolate)
Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Suburban Sunrise, AKA Chocolate Cheese (UK Cheese x Chocolate)
Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Jurassic Cookie (Forum G.S.C. x Chocolate)
Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: My Love Has Wings (Yunnan Cangshan Mountain sativa c#6 x Pua and Satori) [large Sativa, outdoors in deep soil recommended, first time growers encouraged to try this one!]

Strains that I hope to have field tested here, on the Forum:

Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Accidentally In Love (My Love Has Wings x Tranquil Elephantizer rmx v2 hybrid) [Outdoors recommend]
Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Akimbo (AK-47 x Pandora’s Box)
Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Freya (Honey x Pandora’s Box) [mostly Sativa, can get large]
Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Kateware-doki (Satori x Pandora’s Box)
Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Looking Glass (Ask Alice x Pua and Satori)
Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Mr. Roboto (Romulan x Pandora’s Box)
Dandy Seeds, 10 packages: Silk (Dream Queen x Pandora’s Box)

Germinating: Do Not soak seeds. Direct sow or use moist paper towels.

Notes on fertilizer:
All these strains do well with less fertilizer. Less is more!
The Sativa and Pandora's Box hybrids use hardly any Nitrogen. A good basic rich garden soil is all that is needed. If excess Nitrogen is used, Sativa buds will get fluffy.

Notes on parentage and sources:
* ‘Shayla-Shayla’ from Dandy Seeds is (Green Crack x Lapis Mountain Indica)
* 'Ask Alice' from Dandy Seeds is (Shayla-Shayla x Pandora's Box)
* ‘Chocolate’ from Cannicopia is (Chocolate Trip[Dutch Flowers] x Deep Chunk[Tom Hill])
* ‘Honey’ from Dandy Seeds is (Purple Vietnamese hybrid x Chocolate)

Bodhi Seeds: Old School Hash Plant, Blue Lotus, Yunnan Cangshan Mountain Sativa c#6,
Tranquil Elephantizer rmx v2, Road Kill Unicorn.
Cannicopia: Lapis Mountain Indica, Chocolate
Mandala Seeds: Ganesh, Satori
SnowHigh Seeds: Purple Vietnamese
Team Green Avengers (TGA): Pandora’s Box

Clones: AK-47, Original Romulan, UK Cheese, Dream Queen, Green Crack


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