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Okay so I was making a batch of cups last night for a buddy and I figured i'd document the process to post it on the internet in hopes that y'all think i'm cool and like me more. They're pretty simple to make, and can be made with a variety of fillings. usually i do peanut butter, but this time I did a raspberry jam of sorts.

(doing this between myc omputer and phone so plz excuse post construction)

Dino Party

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Step one. Mise in Place. or whatever fancy french phrases make you feel more confident in your process. The raspberry mix is just 1:1 sugar/water, and a bag of frozen raspberries and blackberries. Mixed together, cooked down in the double boiler for a while to thicken up. A little corn starch was added later on but I will change that next time. Last night I decided to throw these together mid mushroom trip so this was the best documentation I could do. 0C48EAB1-7AFA-4BFB-BA67-9AC05B5A08E0.jpeg

Okay so you are gonna need to mix some butter in with your chocolate, to get great weed cannabis effects into it. I melted down some butter and mixed it in. very easy. even a Trump supporter could figure it out.

so I also want the filling to do the stoney weed stuff, so I busted out the tincture (6oz into 1.75 liters) and added a half cup, plus a teaspoon of vanilla for added good flavorz. added most of it, shot down the rest, it was rough but worth it. Oh, this tincture makes your shit smell like you just roasted a bowl in the bathroom, no joke. if you poop at work your coworkers will think you just smoked in there. its hilarious. at least to me.


so throw the tincture in with the compote/jam mix stuff, mix it up, simmer it in, let it cook down, yadda yadda yadda, go smoke another bowl, have some tea, jerk off, watever you need to do.


so while your jam is jammin', you are going to want to melt down that chocolate, and mix in the butter. in the meantime, you read my mind and put that tray in the freezer to get cold. so pull it out of the freezer now, cause you already put it in. take your pastry brush, and basicly paint the chocolate around the sides and bottom of the cups. its okay to do it in 2 layers. I find a thin overall coating, then back in the freezer, then back out to thicken up the sides works best.


as you can see, being neat and even is CRUCIAL (not). so now that they're made, throw the back in the freezer to harden and go back to your jam mix. should be nice and thick by now.


yep goopy and poopy. real nice. the taste is still a little alcoholic but it ends up complimenting the chocolate and berries a little bit. its not awful. so, now take your jam and spool or spatula bits of it into your cups, pretty much to the top of them. I didnt take a good photo of that before the next step, so just imagine: cups filled with jam. okay good you can imagine. wonderful. so now those go back into the freezer again for a little while to firm up. give it like 45. clean up everything but the last bit of chocolate you have. go jerk off again. then one more time. smoke another bowl. okay now back to the kitchen.

oh wait no i did get a photo here it is. 2FE75015-B9D9-4984-B908-65069913359B.jpeg

now that they're chilly and firm, take your last bit of chocolate and paint it over the tops of the cups. its easy, not hard. EASY, NOT HARD. then i'm sure you can guess what happens afer that. back to the freezer to chill. ideally they are kept cool the whole time, and are only out for a minute or two between freezings while you work on them.


so as you can see, this is what it looks like when you halfass mushroom and very stoned make your raspberry cups. almost done.

okay now we are done. enjoy

yum yum good ya.
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Made some shortbread cookies last night. Realized thats the way to go because of how much fucking butter you gotta throw in those things. They will put you on your ass. My buddy who I do most of my baking for, big boy who's a big stoner, him and I have very high tolerances. So people will ask us how much to eat, we really cant give them a good answer. So my buddy gave a cookie to his shopmate, he ate half of it. Apparently he got "too stoned to fuck" and just laid there staring at the ceiling too deep in thought to move. Thats what I call a good review :fastparrot: :fastparrot: :fastparrot:

Dino Party

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no. move it to the concentrates section. I am special and require to be treated as such. actually. please just create a "dino party" sub with all the "dino party" sub subs in there, and an ever rising counter to let me know how many millions of fans I have, also I need a food court with a statue of Dino in the middle, and it cant serve no shit, its gotta be all top notch stuff like Popeyes and Culvers. No nazi's allowed to eat there either.


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How the fuck does he not know culvers.. omg the poor bastard has no idea what hes missing!!!!!!!!!

We got sonic out here n it kinda sucks except for cherry limeade n lemon berry slush. Dairy queen is ehh.

Remember. You probably have Hardee's n we got Carl's Jr. PoTAYto, PoTAHto.

Btw I tried Whataburger when I was in Texas, and it was blahhhh
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