Disorderly Conduction E-Nail Kit


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I have now had a few days with this unit and I am super happy with it so far so I figured I would share. I was looking for a coil that I could use my 25mm Tetra-H banger with, and I found it. The unit comes with octopus 710 clips that hold the coil in place... you just slip them around the male end of the banger. I broke the first one but I was able to find a bigger grommet that works fine. It came with a spare that is on the banger that came with the enail. That wasn’t the best quality I have seen, but fits well, and gets the job done. At this point, I am just leaving the nail on, and haven’t come across any issues. 457 seems to be a nice temp with my Fadespace Silicone Carbide insert and a 5mm terp pearl... Everything gets vaporized, without harsh side effects (coughing) I typically encounter with dabbing hot quartz. I will admit the only other enail I have to compare this to, is the coil I bought for the PID on my press, which never even worked. But this thing has rendered my torch useless, and I can do dabs on the fly, which is quite nice. Highly recommended at 199.99 from Aqua Lab Technologies.

Just a quick side bar... Aqua Lab Technologies has the option for ViaBill at checkout. This allows you to get the unit shipped for 50 bucks, and make more payments over time. It was super easy. Put my phone number in and I was approved immediately, no social security and all that nonsense... I would of bought it even if this wasn’t available.... But shit why wouldn’t I?

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